Method and Supply Chain Model

שקיעהWith proven experience in developing arid areas into profitable farms, GreenArava offers its customers the latest in agricultural practices and irrigation technologies as well as high-quality seed varieties.

Leveraging its knowhow and expertise, the company executes top-quality, highly-effective turnkey projects

GreenArava core specialization is turnkey projects for customers around the world – from feasibility study, through general planning and detailed design, to execution and training.

The company’s project-management capabilities include:

  • Tender management
  • Project planning:
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Agriculture production design
    • Agro-engineering
  • Management of complex multilevel and multinational projects
  • Training on the entire gamut of agriculture-related topics, with special emphasis on

As part of the project management functions, GreenArava works hand-in-hand with its customers to explore and develop new markets globally.

This enables farmers to benefit of the company’s worldwide distribution network for agricultural products, poultry, fish, and more.


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