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ענפי חקלאות

GreenArava offers specialized solutions for farmers, private-sector investors, UN
organizations and governments. The company has vast expertise in modern,
sophisticated and highly effective agricultural practices, including:

  • Staples’ development (wheat, rice, maize, soybean and more)
  • Sustainable agribusiness in remote locations and extreme conditions
  • Irrigation system design:
    • Drip, Low-volume (sprayers) and sprinklers irrigation
    • Mechanized irrigation (center pivot, linear movement, traveling guns)
    • Gravity irrigation (furrows, basins, borders)
  • Evaluation and optimum utilization of water sources:
    • Rivers hydrology
    • Ground water use
    • Hydraulic structures and canals
    • Pumping and water conveyance
  • Energy utilization in agriculture
  • Waste management for creating heat sources for agricultural use