round fields irrigation planDESIGN
Green Arava Group will design complete systems to suit the client’s needs. The design should take into account the available natural resources in the project area, initial investment, operational costs and desired outputs. The design is done according to the highest international standards incorporating the latest innovations and technology in agriculture.  As the Green-Arava group head office is located in Israel, the leading hub for innovation and design of agricultural methods and products, we are in constant touch with the leading agricultural research institutions in Israel and incorporate the latest innovation and trends into our projects.

Following design and planning, the Green Arava group implements the design on the ground and provides all the components to see the project through. The Green Arava group will construct the irrigation infrastructure using state of the art irrigation technology, from the pumping station to the drip lines in the field. The Green Arava group handles the procurement, deployment and supervision of the works in order to provide a true “turn-key” solution.