About Us

חממה עם פוקוס על שתיל לבאנרEstablished in 2002 as a developer and producer of modern agricultural products in the Arava region, today GreenArava is one of Israel’s largest private farming companies.

GreenArava develops sustainable agricultural businesses in developed areas and emerging economies, with particular expertise in transformation of semi-arid and arid regions.

The company owns farms with open-field irrigated crops, greenhouses with high-quality vegetables and record yields, as well as packing houses, and cooling and post-harvest facilities for high-quality exports and local agricultural produce.

It employs over 100 people, including farm workers and managers, and soil, water, irrigation, hydrology mechanical and civil engineers.

GreenArava has offices in Israel, Kenya, Myanmar and Ukraine, and a distribution network in more than 15 countries. Among the company’s key customers are Tesco UK, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury and Aldi, agricultural developers Agra Jordan and the GAFF Group DF (Ukraine).

Key suppliers include New Holland, Netafim, Syngenta, Haifa Chemicals and Deshanim.

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